Music Licensing

Galbanum makes the entire contents of its GMD Limited music catalog available to third parties for sync licensing. Many professionals in the visual arts and media have commented that Andrew Souter's neo-classical and piano works as well as his Wayfarer ambient works are eminently cinematic in their scope and emotional impact. This is to be expected perhaps given Andrew's interest in powerful story telling and his direct experiences in scoring and sound-design for film, television, and video games. In a sense much his work has already been written to an imagined storyline or setting, so it resonates quite naturally with visual media.

In today's fast-paced competitive environment where deadlines are often yesterday, many times producers, directors, and ad agencies do not have the time to hire a composer to score the project at hand. Generic library music is sometimes turned to in such cases, but in many cases the quality is not quite up to standards. GMD Limited artist releases represent music that was crafted to artisan standards of perfection to stand alone on the merits of its own beauty and emotional impact. It is musical art for art's sake, and was crafted with extreme attention to detail on schedules that would certainly have gone overdue in any sort of high pressure, tight-deadline environment. These projects are love projects. As such they tend to have high emotional impact on listeners. Oftentimes producers, directors, and ad agencies find this is exactly what is needed to help tell their own story. We find that happy synergies are much more than just coincidence in these circumstances. It can be the perfect marriage, as the client is free to choose from a large selection of passionately produced works to fit the specific needs of the project.

Galbanum is always excited to work with new people and companies. Non-exclusive sync licensing can be arranged at reasonable rates. Exclusive sync licensing may potentially be negotiated as well on a case by case basis. Existing works may optionally be customized as well to fit the needs of client projects. Several new GMD Limited releases in neo-classical, ambient electronic, and EDM/IDM are scheduled for release in 2014. Third parties interested in discussing licensing are invited to contact us.