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Electronic Musician 2006 Editor's Choice Award for best sound-design software, Electronic Musician 1999 Editor's Choice Award, Keyboard Magazine Key Buy Award (April '98 and July '00), MacWorld Eddy Nomination, TEC award nomination, Musician Magazine Editor's Pick (1999), Craig Anderson's "Prozac Memorial Fun with Serotonin" award.

Public Users

Many famous and infamous people are avid users of MetaSynth. Our users include leading film composers, sound-designers, recording artists, producers, game developers, electronic music professors, and several others. Our community is made up of young innovators, seasoned pros, and lead academics throughout the globe. Please visit our artist section for some examples.

Specs & Requirements

An Apple PPC or Intel based Mac with Mac OSX.4 or higher, are required. MetaSynth 5.0 is fully Leopard Compatible!

This is a bundle package that contains MetaSynth 5.0 and 3 supporting Galbanum products. MeatSynth 5.0 is developed by U&I Software. MeatSynth 5.0 is distributed via software download. When purchasing this bundle through the Galbanum web store, MetaSynth 5.0 will be auto-registered with U&I Software, and you will receive your personallized Serrial Number and a link to the download on the U&I site within 24 hours of your purchase.

The Galbanum Architecture Waveforms MS and Abstraction 01 MS products are also download products and are available for download imediately after purchase from the Galbanum web store. Architecture Volume One is a physical product which ships to customers on a DVD via USPS Priority mail.


A willingness to think outside the box, color outside the lines, and explore new unbound universes of creativity.

Product Description

The wait is over! It is here! MetaSynth 5.0! Welcome back to the power of pixels! This is a bundle package that includes:

U&I Software's Metasynth 5
Galbanum Architecture Volume One
Galbanum Architecture MS Waveforms
Galbanum Abstraction 01 MS

All products are offered here together as one package at a substantial discount for new users. Purchased seperately this would cost about $825, but to celebrate the release of MetaSynth 5.0 we are offering it all together for $599.95! This page provides details on the MetaSynth Applicaiton. For details on the bundled content products please see the links above.

MetaSynth, two-time recipient of Electronic Musician's prestigious Editor's Choice Award, is an extraordinary new visual paradigm for music composition, sound synthesis and sound design that applies the power of advanced image processing techniques to a sophisticated audio rendering engine.

MetaSynth is not just another soft synth but rather a full-fledged sound design and electronic music studio. Its engaging user interface is not only immensely powerful but also fun to use. This unique approach to sound and music will invite you to explore new aspects of sound design, production, and composition. No extra audio hardware or software is required to create high definition audio. For sound creation, sample manipulation and sheer sonic exploration there's nothing like it! MetaSynth is a creation of programmer and artist Eric Wenger, the inventor of KPT Bryce.


MetaSynth features six fully-featured mini applications called rooms:

Image Synth• paint sound using any imaginable-tuning • paint scores where color is translated to spatial position and brightness is translated to amplitude • the Image Synth features wavetable, FM, additive, subtractive and granular synthesis along with multisampler instruments • the Image Synth can also convert sampled sounds into images that can be manipulated in the image domain before being re-translated into audio • Image Filter• use an Image Synth-like interface to create extraordinary dynamic stereo filters • many users tell us that the Image Filter Room alone is worth the price of admission • Spectrum Synth• a new paradigm in synthesis: spectral granular sequencing • analyze sounds into a sequence of events that you can transmogrify in ways you have never imagined • Effects Room• bleeding-edge, envelope-controllable DSP Effects • Sequencer Room• lightweight non-MIDI composition room for composing melodies, phrases and loops • Montage Room• the mixing room • 16-track audio sequencer • in MetaSynth Pro, you can also record audio in sync with your tracks


Electronic Music Production: There's simply no quicker way to develop truly original "signature" sounds than with MetaSynth. Whether you are transforming vocals and guitars, creating monster drum kits, building multi-samples or designing the futuristic aural landscapes, MetaSynth will get you there sooner and take you farther than any other processor or editor.

Sound Design: MetaSynth is used by top film, video, music and multimedia professionals who rely on MetaSynth for creating distinctive audio elements. MetaSynth is the secret weapon in the arsenal of many of the world's leading electronic musicians and sound designers.

Composition. The Image Synth is the premier tool for exploring microtonal and macrotonal music. The powerful sound-picture metaphor provides fine control of the harmonic and amplitude envelope of every note. It makes it possible to create music in any tuning or frequency mapping possible and with nuance not possible with MIDI-based synthesizers. The color brushes and filters make it possible to paint the stereo position of any note or phrase and to create dramatic stereo effects impossible with other tools.

Education: MetaSynth is used in both higher education and primary schools to teach the principles of sound and music. The Image Synth's ability to translate images to sound and sound to images provides an instantly understandable visual representation that includes amplitude, pitch and spatial information in a single image.

New for 4.0

Image Synth• realtime editing and full-fidelity preview • capture to disk of realtime performances • new instrument architecture featuring multi-oscillator FM synths, new grain synth and more • Image Filter• high-resolution full-fidelity dynamic stereo • realtime capture to disk • realtime editing • vastly improved fidelity • uses Image Synth custom tunings • Spectrum Synth• completely new synthesis paradigm • allows the sequencing and manipulation of FFT-events created by high-resolution spectral analysis of sounds • great for creating new instruments for multi-samplers • rhythm loops and abstract soundscape generation • Effects Room• effect parameters can be controlled by envelopes • many new effects • improved implementation of all older effects • the new Shuffler and Grain must be hear to be believed • realtime capture to disk of effects performances • Sequencer Room• easy-to-use single track non-MIDI sequencer for creating simple melodies and more • more simple than composing melodies in the Image Synth daunting • Image Synth can import Sequencer Room sequences • Montage Room• MetaTrack has been much improved and integrated into MetaSynth itself as the Montage Room • easy drag and drop interface • allows all MetaSynth content-types to be layered and sequenced


Andy Reaburn, aka ZenPunkHippy, Camel Audio

“The Architecture Waveforms collection will add a huge amount of sonic diversity to Alchemy. Used with the VA or additive synthesis engines you'll be exploring new sonic territory for a lifetime, only to find out the collection works it's magic with the LFO section too. The quality of these waveforms is exceptional, and an essential purchase for all devotees of Alchemy!”

Chad Beckwith, Cakewalk

“The Architecture Waveforms set works flawlessly with Rapture. Thousands of new sonic textures, are accessible with this well organized Wavetable library. From classic sawtooths to obscure non-linear waveforms, the sound is phenomenal when used in conjunction with Rapture's DSP transforms”

Simon Cann, Cakewalk Synthesizers: From Presets to Power User

“The developer asserts that this is the largest and most diverse collection of its kind on the market. I'm not going to argue with this claim. All I will say is that the waves really do sound good and I have not found any that do not play perfectly. The range of tones is quite stunning.”


“This is the first time I write to someone praising their software. After a week of having Metasynth 4, my mind is still blown away with its capabilities. The way it is put together is amazingly clever. The wait was way worthwhile, and so was the upgrade price. I feel like I'm running an infinite factory of loops and ambiences. Whenever someone listens to my music and asks "How did you do THAT??", they are listening to a MetaSynth-generated chunk. It is the most revolutionary music tool I ever saw.”

“For twenty five years, I have been using analogue, digital and now analogue-modelling soft synthesizers, but I have yet to see or hear a more powerful and musical synthesizer than MetaSynth 4. Being able to adjust the parameters while recording every movement to disk in real-time, is just pure joy!”

“MetaSynth enables me to work as intuitively as I have always wished, and much more. I love especially the surprises, that lead me to new paths. It's approach to visuals and sounds is thrilling, from the beginning up to now. The flexibility and possibility to combine and switch between so many approaches, levels and elements is great. Many thanks for your great support! The tutorials are really good the way they are - compact, informative and easy to follow, and very inspiring and helpful. Behind all a great attitude. Due to the quality of the software and the tutorials you can adapt and translate it all easily to your own imaginations and needs. ”

“I have always wondered how the leading progressive (electronica) producers come up with the things they do. Well, after being introduced to MetaSynth I now know. Eric Wenger must be an alien, or at least in communication with them! Or perhaps he has traveled from the future and brought this gift back to us mere mortals. I have never seen or heard, such a mind blowing and consciousness expanding piece of software. This thing is capable of producing just about any sound I have ever heard or dreamed of, and in my years of traveling around the world with the leading global DJs and dance music-insdustry-types, I have heard a lot!”