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Keywords for Hipsters

Electronica, Ambient, Experimental, Left Field, Progressive House, Tech-House, Techno, Progressive Trance, Nu-Jazz, DnB, and Elektro. Re-sampling, Beat Slicing, Filtering, Filter Morphing, LFO Filters, Tweaking, Lead Synths, Basses, Pads, Atmospherics, Spectrums, Arpeggios, Sweeps, Hits, Transitions, Abstract Loops, Morphing Effects, 3D Sound, and World Domination.

Keywords for Intellectuals

Additive Synthesis, Subtractive Synthesis, FM Synthesis, Granular Synthesis, Spectrum Synthesis, Graphical Synthesis, Graphical Fourier Filtering, Algorithmic Composition, Number Theory, Boolean Logic, Alternative Tuning, Harmonic Tuning, Spectrum Tuning, Sub-Harmonic Structure, Binaural Sound, Self-Referencing Structures, Micro-Structures, and Synaesthesia.

Specs & Requirements

Architecture Volume One is available instantly as a digital download. The file size is approximately 4GB zipped. UI Software's Metasynth 4.x or higher, running on Mac OSX.6 or higher are required.


A recent model year iMac, Mac Book, or Mac Pro. Large display capable of displaying high-resolutions at fast refresh rates. 9GB of free disk space. Professional audio card and studio monitors that go to 11. Forgiving and understanding neighbors.


Architecture Volume One is a vast resource library for UI Software's Metasynth, winner of the 2006 Electronic Musician Editor's Choice Award for best sound-design software. It is a ground-breaking new preset, sample, and resource Library that will appeal to anyone looking to be on the cutting edge of new sound-design and synthesis techniques. It is a nearly infinite tool containing over 10,000 audio samples, graphic files, and high level presets capable of creating anything from the most beautifully lush and diffuse ambient atmospheres and effects, to the nastiest Electro lead synth or groove imaginable. It is a tool that wraps intense, cutting-edge synthesis and DSP processes into an enjoyable and intuitive visual experience that is as rewarding as the output itself. It is a key that unlocks the awesome power of Metasynth and enables the boundaries of sound to expand and explode into new, unheard universes. It is "Future Synthesis Technology".

(9GB of groundbreaking new resources for UI Software's MetaSynth.)

9GB of groundbreaking new resources for UI Software's MetaSynth


Artists, Composers, Producers, Sound-Designers, Scoring Professionals, DJ's, Remix artists, multi-media developers, and all synthesis/sound-design enthusiasts who are looking to expand their sonic pallet into new territories will find a vast sea of unlimited potential in Architecture Volume One. It will particularly appeal to anyone who has any aspiration to be on the cutting edge of modern sound-design, or lead new movements in all forms of progressive electronica. Neophytes, hipsters, and PHD aficionados alike will all find that this product is worth ten times its weight in golden pixels!


We think one-million pixels are better than ten knobs! We were tired of all the me-too retro-analog synths out there. Allot of them sound great, and of course we can sound as a fat as the next person. Indeed, we even cover and vastly expand upon that ground here too. Our real interest however, lies in seeing just how far we can go with the new potentials offered by programs like Metasynth. We wanted to share years worth of private research and custom sound design techniques. We wanted to help beginners instantly get more out of Metasynth, and at the same time open up a sea of unlimited sonic potential for the pros who are willing to explore deeper. Are you ready for something new? Are you ready to look towards the future and forget about the limitations of the past? Do you want to be a leader instead of a follower? If so, then this product is for you.


If we told you that, we'd have to... ...well you know the rest! In all seriousness, we have used extensive third party software tools including synthesis, scripting, and programming languages; third party graphic tools; and a lot of mathematical research and number crunching, to supply over 10,000 ultra-high precision new resources for UI's revolutionary tool, Metasynth. All resources here come completely from the void of our own imagination at the highest possible fidelity. This means, for instance, that audio samples are created at 96/24 at low frequencies for the ultimate in fidelity, graphic resources are created using over 1 million pixels, wavetables are rendered algorithmically at 64-bit Floating Point precision, and custom scales have frequency resolution about 1000 times finer than cents. Our design philosophy is to make fidelity our number one priority--even in cases when we want the sound to be intentionally edgy, dirty, ugly, or otherwise offensive!


“MetaSynth has been one of my secret production weapons for years, but I was only scratching the surface of its possibilities. Not just an expertly programmed preset library, Architecture is like a master class in the MUSICAL application of esoteric synthesis techniques. I F-ing love it!”

“Having come from the more traditional music worlds of jazz, world music, and performance-based lounge/house music, Architecture Volume One, and MetaSynth for that matter, were certainly something new to say the least! What planet are you guys from anyway? These sounds are unreal! I am completely blown away by the visual beauty of some of this work too. And here I thought, sculpture was only meant for clay! If there was ever a skeptic in me that thought computer-music would never sound human, this product has certainly made me question that belief. Not only can this thing produce Naturally Strange sounds, but it can also do Strangely Natural ones just as well too. In a word: inspirational! I can't wait to combine these sounds with some improvisation, melody, and vocals. Future Synthesis Technology, indeed.”

“It is almost 5AM here in Beijing, and it's horribly cold but I just can't take my hands off my computer. It is not short of my expectations in any way. MS is NOT a tool that merely gives you sounds like a sample CD but it moves you to think, act, and try things of your own. I wasn't able to listen to 10 presets from this DVD in a row without starting to change the scales and instruments. In a nutshell: Fabulous. A final word: I'm an old fan of your work - I found your MS 2xx presets to be some of the best sounds I've heard in my life. ”

“Galbanum has created a must-have library for any serious MetaSynthesist. Whether you use the presets, filters and instruments as starting points for new explorations or to get a deeper understanding of what MetaSynth can do, it will quickly repay any artist with increased creativity, efficiency and productivity. Experts and beginners alike will find this collection a valuable tool.”