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1,792 new cutting-edge files! 768 new and unique loop files. 1024 Single Hit samples organized into 32 Sampler Instrument banks and provied with included SFZ format keympapping files that can be read by most industry-standard sampler instruments. All files are 44.1K/24bit content. Over 1GB of new content!

Loops available in Apple Loops or Acid Loops. All loops are 2 measures long and are designed to allow using partial segments of the full loop to give thousands of variations. (REX2 format is not available for this title to do the heavy use of reverb in the loops, and the importance of the preseveration of release times to maintain the feel of the groove.)


Acid, Adobe Audition, Battery, Cubase, Digital Performer, Drumcore, FL Studio, GarageBand, GigaStudio, Halion, Intakt, Kontakt, Live, LM4, Logic, MachFive, MetaSynth, Nuendo, ProTools, Reason, Recycle, RMX, SampleTank, Sonar, Soundtrack, VSampler DXi, and other Various Hardware Samples and Audio Editing Software

Delivery Format

Abstraction 05 is available for direct download through our web store. The downloads are in ZIP format, and will uncompress to give immediate access to the contents on Mac OS X and Windows platforms. Physical distribution is also planned.

In effort to keep the price of the download versions low, Apple Loops, Acid Loops, and the Single Hit Samples are all separate downloads. Various combinations are available to allow customers to pick, choose, and pay for only exactly what they need. Customers may choose a single format for $39.95 and may add additional formats for only $14.95.

Product Description

Abstraction 05 is a cacophony of tech house and tribal madness performed by sentient underwater robots. Abstraction 05 arrives just in time for the start of the spring and summer club season and is well suited to help evaluate the mood of the opening parties for global sea-side dance music destinations such as Miami, Ibiza, Saint-Tropez, Rio, and other maritime paradises. Enhanced organic percussion performances permeate the package, aided and abetted by heavy creative use of reverb and spatial wizardry. Performances range from lyrical rhythmic phrases suitable for poolside and terrace romances, to full blown 4AM peak-time sprints.

All Abstraction 05 loop content is produced at a native tempo of 125BPM and is designed to effortlessly stretch from 115BPM to 140BPM and beyond to fit all tempo ranges used in current percussion-focused dance music styles such as:

• Tech House, Tribal House, Progressive House, & House, Techno
• Film Scoring, Game Development, and Sound FX
• and any other cross-genre music style that borrows from these influences

Available in Apple Loops, Acid Loops, and Single Hits formats.

The Abstraction Sample Line is a downloadable series of ultramodern samples, loops, hits, and construction kits provided in industry standard formats including Apple Loops, Acid Loops, AIFF, and WAV.


• All loops are provided without standard embedded kick/snare/high-hat patterns to give the producer maximum flexibility in song arrangment.

• Loop content is purposefully designed to be mixed with other existing libraries that provide these standard kick/snare/high-hat elements such as Loopmaster's widely popular "Groove Tech" and "Steve Lawler Dark Percussive House & Techno" titles.

• All samples are procesed in stereo and make use of extreme spatial processing techniques at the sample level to produce sounds that literally jump out of the speakers.

• All loops are processed extensively using 2CAudio's award winning reverbs, Aether and Breeze, and make extensive use of manual gating techniques and other transformations of release times to enhance the feel of the groove.


Cybernetic mermaids so real you'd swear they were organic sip digital mojitos and shake their tails poolside to the shuffled circuits of Poseidon's tribal tech house. Deeper than the sea, more raw than tuna sashimi, more moody than than a tropical storm, and more energetic than a electric eel, Abstraction 05 takes you on a journey in search of the white-whale of all grooves. Channel Ahab's ferver and passion and unleash a tribal tech house storm on the dance floor. Sustained water damage will not void your warranty.


Electronic musicians, artists, producers, DJs, scoring professionals, multi-media developers, and synthesis/sound-design enthusiasts of all experience levels who are looking for an aqueous solution to the sonic banality of the overpopulated "me-too" market will find it port-side here. Anyone looking for a new way to inject some extra energy and excitement to their tribal and tech house productions will find an unfathomable pool of resources that is matched only by the depth of the ocean. Come journey across the sea in search of a modern ethnomusicological adventure and discover a true pirate's booty in Abstraction 05.



“Abstraction 03: Found Sound Club Edition Is Like The Results Of A Scavenger Hunt! With the economy in such wretched shape, it's important that we stop importing sounds in from sound producing nations like "Saudio Arabia" and "Turn It Up To Elevenezuela" and start using our own untapped resources -- find sound domestically, so to speak. Galbanum Abstraction 03: Found Sound Club Edition is a sample library that, if implemented, will do all that for $39.95 for a single format and $14.95 for each additional format, meaning it won't be too much of a dent on your deficit.”

Remix Magazine 07/2008

“The Abstraction 02 loops are a master class in stutter theory and glitch-music sound design. Ranging from edgy circuit bends and resonant distortions to clangorous metallic tones infused with kinky subwobbles and ear-piercing blips, about half of the loops are abstract mood elements while the rest are glitched-out synthetic drum phrases. All loops are two or four measures long, provided without kick/snare/hat (so you can add your own later) and stretch flawlessly over a wide tempo range due to their highly rhythmic nature. I like that everything is completely dry, allowing you to arrange, and custom slice and chop them without worrying about reverb or delay trails. That also creates a greater coherence between all loops and makes dropping in single hits as augmentation a piece of cake. Abstraction 02 is a gold mine of posh electro-organic grooves and deviant soundscapes that defy labeling and should serve as ample inspiration for any future electronic or urban style.”

Beat Magazine, DE 07/2008

“Abstraction 02: 5 Stars and Editor's Choice award!” (Read PDF)


“I have to say... I REALLY like your sampling and sound design sensibilities. I got this stuff late at night but I can already see that your sounds are profoundly inspiring for me. Something to help me jump start my creative processes. I'm bowled over by the amount of rx2 loops that came with each Abstraction package. True playgrounds of sound. Same goes for, incidentally, your Rapture product. I love it...and barely scratched the thinnest fraction of the surface.”

“Well, as I'm already writing, I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your work so far, it seems you always put a lot of thought and precision in it. The Abstraction Loops integrate nicely into Spectrasonics Stylus RMX, and your Piscis Soundset for Rapture is really outstanding. Looking forward for what's to come in your product line.”