Galbanum | sonic science aural allusion

Galbanum Limited is a company dedicated to exploring the synergistic marriage of art and technology. Its twin passions are "sonic science" and "aural allusion" and its products strive always to balance industry leading technical excellence with a connection to, and expansion of, the human condition.

"Sonic Science" is representative of Galbanum's commitment to extreme standards of technical excellence in all aspects of its work. Science, mathematics, and experimental signal processing research play a large role in Galbanum's sound-design work, and it is well known for its future-forward ideas. Impeccable science and technology, however, is lost without service to human needs and experiences.

"Aural Allusion" represets the human side of the process. It represents the oral tradition if you will, expanded to include non-verbal sound and music, or more specifically, the process of communicating human emotions through effective story telling. The analytical and the intuitive must always be evenly weighed in this process, but in the end it is the emotional experience of story that matters most. Therefore what we ultimately aim to create is this: technology that elicits emotion, and at the same time, art that inspires discovery.

Galbanum is comprised of three divisions: the Products Division, the Services Division, and as of 2014, the Music Division.

Music Division

The Galbanum Music Division, GMD Limited, is a record label and publishing company formed in 2014 primarily to serve the needs of Andrew Souter's solo and collaborative creative output. It functions as a central hub for all of his various stylistic endeavors, pseudonyms, and aliases. Its stylistic offerings range from neoclassical solo piano work, to ambient electronic, to experimental IDM, to more commercial EDM. The unifying commonality is simply that all works on the label are the creative output of Andrew Souter in one form or another, and it all aspires towards the same standards of creative and technical excellence. All material on GMD Limited label is availble for sync licensing.

Products Division

Galbanum's Products Division produces future-forward, industry-leading content libraries and sound-design tools. Its Architecture Line of advanced sound-design resources are used by some of the best and most knowledgeable sound-designers in the world. Architecture resources are created with proprietary DSP processes, unreleased low level mathematical tools, esoteric computer music scripting languages, and other miscellaneous top-secret rocket science.

Galbanum uses the power of this unique private research to create its Sample and Synth Expansion Line products as well, allowing for a level of detail and precision that would be otherwise impossible. Its soundware products are meticulously designed to synergistically exploit the advantages of this detail and precision and tightly integrate it into various supported standards while taking advantage of the strengths of the given loop format or host synthesizer. The result is plug-and-play bliss for the casual user who now has instant access to the bleeding edge without the blood, sweat, and tears normally associated with it.

Services Division

Galbanum's Services Division offers professional business-to-business services to film, television, and game companies; composers, artists, producers, and record labels; and other music technology companies. Its services include scoring, sound-design, and music licensing for sync work as well as technology licensing, technical sound-design, sonic-branding, and album mastering. Clients include major TV networks, techno legends and rock stars, and the largest music software companies on the planet to name a few.

Long Term Vision

Galbanum is dedicated to developing, marketing, and distributing the premiere, next generation of digital media, art, entertainment, and creative tools, and putting these into the hands of new-comers and aficionados alike. It is Galbanum's ultimate goal to see the distinction between these two - between professionals and consumers or artists and audiences - dissolve to the point where the art becomes a participatory experience for all, and a shared experience created by the interaction of all parties involved.

Galbanum | sonic science aural allusion: impeccable technical excellence, and a powerful story-telling ability to communicate human emotion.


2CAudio was formed in 2008 as a partnership between Andrew Souter and Denis Malygin to develop audio signal processing software plug-ins focussing on spatialization, advanced creative effects, and other future-forward ideas. Since then it has gone on to win major industry awards, and has occupied the majority of Andrew's time for the past several years. It agruably offers the best reverbs on the planet amoung other things. We call it a sister company of Galbanum. Galbanum is effectively a content creation and services company. 2CAudio is an independent software company. There are many synergies between the two, as will become even more clear very soon, and Andrew's DNA permeates them both, but the primary distinction is Galbanum makes content and 2CAudio makes software. Galbanum is like Pixar, whereas 2CAudio is like Apple, metaphorically speaking of course.